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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rising Advantage provide?

Rising Advantage, LLC. is an independent Equity Research firm in the business of publishing non-personalized research reports expressing the sole opinion of its CEO, Jeremy McKinzie.

Will Rising Advantage or its CEO, Jeremy McKinzie give me personal financial advice and / or recommendations?

Rising Advantage is not a licensed registered investment advisory firm and its CEO, Jeremy McKinzie, is not a licensed financial advisor. No personalized financial advice, guidance, or recommendations will be given. Our research is provided for informational purposes, and for you to then make a decision on whether to invest in a company’s stock at your complete discretion. For personal financial advice, guidance, and recommendations tailored to your individual needs, seek a licensed financial advisor.

How do I get notified when a new report is available for sale?

Check our Facebook and Twitter page for updates on when new reports are out.

How are your recommendations determined?

Rising Advantage's recommendations are based on the expected return of a stock over the next 12 months based on the percentage change in stock price. We divide our stocks under coverage into three primary ratings categories.




I don’t see my question listed here. How can I get in touch with Rising Advantage for all non-personalized investment questions?

Email us at Due to the volume of messages we may receive in a given time period, please be patient as your satisfaction is of high importance to us. Be sure to check our official Facebook and Twitter page for updates, as your question may have been asked and answered.